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Openbox and bbkeys

Before Openbox, I used Blackbox with bbkeys. Openbox is great, but there is one thing that I miss from the Blackbox days.

When alt+tab window switching with Openbox, the only window title visible is that of the current icon selected. When there are many of the same icons (e.g., because I am running several terminals), I have to tab to each of these icons one-by-one to reveal their titles and find the desired application. See this thread for a discussion on the problem.

bbkeys meanwhile provides a text menu of window titles sorted by recent use to tab through, which I find much more efficient.

What is great is that bbkeys is compatible with Openbox! Below is my ~/.bbkeys. I have only mapped alt+tab and alt+shift+tab. The rest of my key bindings are handled by Openbox.

[begin] (bbkeys configuration file)
 [option] (raiseWhileCycling) {false}
 [keybindings] (begin keybindings)
 [NextWindow]  (Mod1-Tab)
 [PrevWindow]  (Mod1-Shift-Tab)
 [end] (end keybindings)
[end] (end bbkeys configuration)
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