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Weather Alias

I use a quick alias to get weather conditions and a 7-day forecast from NOAA. I found the links for my current location at http://mobile.weather.gov/.

$ grep weather .bashrc
alias weather='(w3m -dump -cols 80 "http://mobile.weather.gov/port_mp_ns.php?select=3&CityName=Minneapolis&site=MPX&State=MN&warnzone=MNZ060"; w3m -dump -cols 80 "http://mobile.weather.gov/port_mp_ns.php?select=1&CityName=Minneapolis&site=MPX&State=MN&warnzone=MNZ060") | less -F'

I’d invest more time in making the output less wordy, but the layouts at http://www.weather.gov/ seem to change quite a bit.

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